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Learn to play the guitar

When learning to play the guitar at any age it is important to pick up basics quickly and learn to play a few memorable songs that you can return to you and enjoy.

This will ensure that your brain is being trained to enjoy the work out you’re giving it and your fingers hurt and your brain is stretched. You need the enjoyment aspect of it immediately to push yourself if you are not a disciplined type of person naturally.

There are also finger exercises that can be made into fun enjoyable experiences and offer quick rewards within days or a week and make it to where the user sees they’re playing improving quickly and enjoying more advanced songs and getting into the music emotionally as well.

This helps people with less discipline become disciplined and learn rewards in playing guitar. From young ages we are creatures of habit and learning new things isn’t always something comfortable for everyone so this is a good method to train people.

Enjoy playing!

The Journey

In the journey of life, you envision the calm serene final place you intend to travel to, and you start to walk. The road seems fair, then ferocious and at times fallow. You wonder about on the thoughts of your purpose, your poise and it’s practicality.

The path is uphill, then downhill, sideways and still. The skies follow you and speak to you, with anger, with delight and you wonder at them. The air is cold and you wish fo the day. When you, day by day hike and toil to reach the perceived reward.

When your fear, it is replaced with hope, seeing the light of the reward, shinning ahead, calling, and you are inspired to travel faster. Further up and further in.

When all at once your traveling, tired body and mind and at rest in the final steps. The top is near and another world will soon replace yours.